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Duel Academy
Duel Academy is an established small community dedicated to all TCG players from around the globe. We probide both fun and competitive environment for those interested. Duel Academy was establashed late Nobember 2008 by a bunch of enthusiastic players whom legacy continue till our current day. We focus on other games as well in addition to Yu-Gi-Oh!, such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Pokemon, Cardfight Vanguard, League of Legends, and plenty of other games. We'll be delighted to have you on board with us!






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    Duel Academy: History of Legends
    “Heroes are born from the ashes of defeat, and rise to the throne of the victory” – These are the words which befell upon a student who thought taking a trip through the sea was going to relief some of the pressure he underwent after he was defeated in a duel to the King of Games, not other than Yugi Muto, the Champion! His name was Defeated, he boarded a ship heading south from his hometown in Dunwin to Dunlos.
    On his trip, a storm hit the ship and caused it to split in half – wounded, and in fear, little man jumped off to a rescue boat and unleashed the robes; little did he knew, that if a gigantic boat couldn’t last the storm, a much smaller one wouldn’t even stand a chance. The boat kept banging against the walls of the sea, after a while, the storm calmed down and the little fella had already lost conscious long before that, thanks goodness, he had tied himself to the boat so he wouldn’t fall into the sea.
    When he woke up, he felt sand between his toes, and salt in his mouth. It took him a couple of minutes to regain his strength, and then stood up only to be shocked – it’s land! After such rough evening, it’s only natural that his reaction is to hate the sea and everything which dwells within it. Small scratches were all over his body, but none of which mattered, for his deck of cards was safe in that belt of his. He dusted off the sand against his shoulders and face, and then took a good look at what was in front of him: he saw gigantic trees, tall pillars of some ancient architect magnificence standing in between the hard rocks here and there, and way deep in the horizon, he could see a huge mountain – there also seemed to be some building, but he wasn’t sure, he would have to take a closer look to figure what it is. Though, before he took his first step, a question hit him: what was my name again? “How silly, of course I know my name” he said, and added “Hold on, I can’t remember my name…” how was that possible? He kept wondering for a few seconds, and then decided to leave it for another time, and focus on where he is for the time being “it must be a temporary shock, yea it must! No one would experience what I went through last night and come out of it with an intact mind” he kept repeating to himself.
    He then commenced onto walking inside the jungle, or what seemed to be a jungle at least, even though there were no animals, only old broken pillars of some ancient civilization, and 1000 years old gigantic trees. After walking for about two hours, even though he had lost his sense of time – that was his close estimation, he finally reached the used-to-be far-in-the-horizon architecture.
    It’s obviously some kind of an abandoned palace, it must be. It was so huge that the front gate seemed to be a building on its own. He walked through a crack in the building’s gate, and went into the building. There was a sign, written in some unknown language to him. He dusted off the sign and all he saw was “Tneduts! Ymydaca Leud Emoclew”, which made no sense whatsoever. “What is this place...” he wondered, “I better be careful!” he rumbled in his mind. He took out his deck, and took his Duel Disk out of his bag,“ Thanks good it’s not broken, I would have be in trouble otherwise!” he said to himself while he was adjusting his Duel Disk on his arm.
    He then put his deck onto his Duel Disk and continued walking inside the property. Half way through and before reaching the main entrance, he gazed a man in black coat standing right in front of the entrance door. He danced a jig in goofy way on his feet out of fear and then fell on the ground, “Is anyone there? Hey! Who is there?!” he kept yelling on the tips of his lung. A calm voice responded “State your name, intruder, or meet consequences!” Such a simple request, all it takes to start a conversation and steer the situation into a much calmer environment was to just say his name “Oh, you couldn’t have picked a worse time for such a request, could you” said the guy who couldn’t remember his name in sarcastic tone.
    “Fine, so be it! We shall deal with the situation the hard way” said the mysterious guys standing at the entrance, right before lifting his right arm and showing his Duel Disk “We shall duel!” said the man, “Oh? And I thought I would have to run out of this place like I’ve never ran before in my life!” said the guy trembling out of fear after getting up and dusting himself up. “Fine” he said, “Dueling is my territory!”. Right before they started dueling, the man said “Just so that you know, you’re already stuck here” speaking as of the man already knew the outcome of their duel. The guy responded with “Stuck or not, good or bad, as long as I have my deck of cards with me, I’m satisfied” grinding his teeth, not able to hide his excitement about the situation. “Turn one! My turn!” said the man, right before the poor little guy who went through heaven and hell for the last day and a half fell on his face, losing conscious, and keeping that smile of his.
    When he woke up, he found himself in a tidy room, with fresh food and clean clothes on the table right under the window to his right, with a little letter right next to it which says “Tneduts! Ymydaca Leud Emoclew” with a note right under it which read “In case you still don’t speal Duelgish, the letter says ‘Welcome to Duel Academy, Student’ P.S. The guy defeated you.” Now he didn’t care about no Duelgish or anything, his mood skyrocketed to the roof and started yelling all out “I did not lose! I fell unconscious!” and that is when a lovely girl went into the room looking for the loud voice source and said “Be quite! Or I’ll through you out to the monkeys!”.
    That is when he calmed down, and sat down with the girl only to brief him about this place, its purpose, and what he can do in order to leave this place – she said “To cut long short, this is a dueling academy, in order to leave, you’ll have to first beat our top duelist, score full Aces in our exams, and top our League”. That was when it hit him “Dueling academy, duelists, dueling, extra. I must be dead, and this must be heaven”.
    Though not able to remember his name, everyone soon started calling him Newbie. With that, Newbie started his journey in Duel Academy, seeking to establish himself as a top-notch duelist in this ravage, yet awesome, academy.

Join Duel Academy and experience a fun and competitive environemnt, play against other players, join tournaments and much more!

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